WIRES - Night Life Campaign

print design, photography, packaging


Night Life is a week long event that will be held in the first week of June every year to create awareness and raise supportive funds for WIRES. During this week people light up and support WIRES in three ways. Firstly by wearing a badge, secondly by hanging a disc in their window, and thirdly by putting a sticker on their cars. These things will look as if they are normal objects during the day however when it gets darker all three will light up and glow.

The concept of the Night Life campaign came from the idea that a majority of Australia’s native wildlife are nocturnal and most active at night. The glow in the dark sticker, badge, and window hanging will all be available for purchase as a small kit that takes form as an envelope. The proceeds from these kits will then go towards production and raising funds for WIRES.